Almost a year on…

Hi Folks,

This is the beginning of my blog, just getting started so please be patient whilst I get to grips with it.

Thanks to Regan who has finally sat me down, made me start with blog, and threatened me with Chinese burns if I didn’t.

Better get on with some content…

Almost a year on…

6 thoughts on “Almost a year on…

  1. Megumi says:

    What a beacon of hope your blog is! I was just feeling lost and uncertain since beginning my journey of natural healing. I was told a week ago following a lumpectomy of my left breast that the surgeon wishes to perform a bilateral mastectomy. I was in shock. I do not wish to have a bilateral mastectomy let alone one. So I am right now reading and finding as much info as I can on how to clear the precancerous lump still present in my left breast after the lumpectomy. Your black salve images and story has truly given me hope. I was literally in tears an hour ago and now I feel better. Thank you for sharing your story and other valuable info! Yours sincerely, Megumi


    1. Hi Megumi, thanks for your lovely message.
      Sites that you may want to check out include:, check out Jessica Richards who also healed her breast cancer naturally.
      Dr Veronique Delsauniers, – a naturopath who healed her cancer naturally
      Marnie Clark – really useful website. – see the book ‘Oestrogen – the killer in our midst’
      Must not overlook IODINE – could be the vital missing link – really important and often gets overlooked – see LYNNE FARROW, and her book ‘The Iodine Crisis’.
      Good books for hope and inspiration ‘Choosing to Heal- Surviving the breast cancer system’ by Janet Edwards.
      Brilliant book by Elaine Nausbaum – Recovery from Cancer.
      Plenty there for you to be going on with. It’s hard early on because there is so much information, and much of it is contradictory.
      Best wishes, Annx


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