A Remarkable Place

Hi Folks,

I’m just back from having spent a wonderful three days at the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre, formerly known as the Bristol Cancer Centre. This was my second visit, and I feel words can’t express enough my gratitude to the facilitators, the therapists, their resident doctor, the catering staff, other support staff, and of course to the many people who have contributed funds to keep this most wonderful place running. And must not to forget a special mention for the beautilful Elizabeth – Biodanza dance instructor and truly wonderful woman, and the gorgeous Tilly – the ‘Night Nurse’.

Personally I feel every town and city should have a Penny Brohn Centre, but that may be a very long term vision indeed. I feel the benefits it offers to cancer patients, and their carers too, is beyond measure.

If you or any of your loved ones have cancer I would highly recommend you check out their services.

If you feel the urge to donate please do so as they are certainly a charity in need of support so they can offer support to the growing numbers of people being diagnosed with cancer every day.

Penny Brohn herself, and the co founder Pat Pilkington were both truly inspirational women with a vision to help cancer sufferers by implementing a whole person approach, which is unfortunately sadly lacking in the conventional cancer treatment model. It is slowly becoming accepted in Western society that stress, emotional/psychological problems, and nutrition play a significant part in the development of cancer, and it is essential that these aspects are addressed if the person is to recover, to be able to manage the disease, and to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Please take some time to look into the background of The Penny Brohn Centre and the services they offer, even if you don’t need them now – you might be glad you did as you or someone you know may have need for their services in the future.



Thanks again to all the staff and supporters of Penny Brohn centre, and thanks to the amazing group of people that I met there, both this week and on my first visit last December.


Ann X

A Remarkable Place

2 thoughts on “A Remarkable Place

  1. Louise Dudman says:

    Hi ann, you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth…. I too had my second visit very recently, incredible, where would we be without the amazing people all working for and supporting penny brohn. I’m very keen to do some fundraising and spread the love. Much love Lou x

    Louise Dudman-Tomes Slimming World Consultant Hereford, Whitecross Tuesdays 930, 1130, 500 or 700 pm Llandrindod Wednesdays 530pm 07718393344



  2. Stephanie Coldwell says:

    Amazing Ann !!!!!!!Thought provoking and educational KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK FOR YOU AND OTHERS X Stephanie Coldwell nee Guy!!!!


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