A Sobering Statistic

Most people would be shocked to discover that approximately a third of early stage breast cancer patients go on to develop stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, which according to the medics is incurable, or at best has a survival rate of 2-3%. It amazes me that many people seem to trivialize early stage breast cancer, saying ‘Oh well they caught it early, you’ll be fine’ etc, etc, but are they aware that it still means that with early stage breast cancer the woman has a 1 in 3 chance of dying from it! I was not told this statistic, I found it out for myself . Should women be made more aware of this statistic so they can take on more measures themselves to fight the disease, i.e. through diet/lifestyle changes, and complimentary therapies, rather than just rely on conventional treatments? Unfortunately in many cases it’s not until a woman is re-diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that they start to take control and implement lifestyle changes, but often it is too late. Thanks so much to Holley Kitchen for making this video, it is a great way to raise awareness. From it I’d personally like to see that women would put in place more measures as far as prevention, and if they are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed then they should do all they can within their own power to take control of their own health and not just rely on the doctors.

As many of you know I opted not to have conventional treatments to deal with my own breast cancer. I realise the numbers would be far too small to have any statistical significance, but I feel it would be interesting to know what the statistics would be for women diagnosed with early breast stage cancer who choose to avoid chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and instead use natural/non-toxic treatment methods. It is well established that chemotherapy and radiotherapy themselves are known to cause cancer, as well as chemotherapy destroying the immune system at a time when the patient needs it the most. It would be my feeling, and I’d love to see it proven someday, that recurrence and indeed re-diagnosis as stage 4 metastatic breast cancer would be less if breast cancer was treated routinely in a non-aggressive manner.

Another interesting statistic that many people may not be aware of: 2 recent studies have shown that chemotherapy is only 2.1% and 2.3% effective. If people were told this information I wonder how many more people might reject chemotherapy in favour of natural/non-toxic treatments.

A great book that covers many, but not all, of the most successful and widely used non-toxic treatments is ‘Outsmart Your Cancer’ by Tanya Harter Pierce. A book that anyone who is diagnosed with cancer should read as a priority, or even if you don’t have cancer it would be good to read, after all ‘To be forewarned is to be forearmed’.

A great website for information on cancer prevention is http://www.canceractive.com

A fabulous little book that I would recommend every woman should read is ‘The Oestrogen Factor’ by Chris Woollams (available from the Canceractive website).

Please take the time to watch Holley Kitchen’s sobering video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDQ0FjP7J-c

Apologies for the not so cheerful post, but, same as Holley, I feel it is really important to raise awareness.

I’d like to finish on a more positive note. I often feel very angry and frustrated that the doctors dish out the ‘terminal’ diagnosis to their patients without really thinking about the impact on the patient. Afterall, if the doctor tells the patient they are going to die, it’s more than likely that they will believe it, and so the patient may reside themselves to the fact that they are going to die, and it inevitably becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I realise the doctors are limited to the treatments they can offer, and the majority are just going by what they have learnt in medical school, but they would do well to read up on the thousands of so called ‘spontaneous’ remissions. When one looks into these cases in more detail they are far from spontaneous. It appears that some people who receive a terminal diagnosis are unwilling to accept it, so they pull out all the stops to make sure they recover as they are just not ready to accept the diagnosis and give in. I would highly recommend anyone with cancer, or any other serious disease, for that matter to read a fantastic book called ‘Radical Remissions’ by Dr Kelly Tumer PhD. Kelly Turner has spent 10 years researching this fascinating ‘phenomenon’. She has interviewed more than a 1000 people who have recovered from cancer against the odds, most of them being Stage 4 and for whom conventional treatments had failed, yet they still went on to make a full recovery! Dr Lissa Rankin’s, another very progressive doctor, highly endorses Kelly Turner’s work. See link below for review of the Dr Kelly Turner’s book.


See also THE SPONTANEOUS REMISSION PROJECT – A study of 3500 ‘spontaneous’ remissions. It’s not as rare as most people would think…


And just remember….

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!

A Sobering Statistic

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