29th December 2014 – Update on my Cancer journey

Hi Folks,  hope you’ve all been enjoying the Christmas festivities. I thought it may be time for an update on my own cancer journey… Before continuing, can I please just mention that when I posted in September about my first salve treatment I was inundated with literally hundreds of questions and requests for advice. I apologise for being late in replying to some of the messages, or some that I may have missed altogether. At the time I was totally overwhelmed by the response. If, further to reading this post, you are seeking an urgent response please mark your query as ‘Urgent’ and I will endeavour to reply asap. I do however need to state that I am not in a position to give medical advice, but am happy to share my story with you, in the hope that it will raise awareness about natural cancer therapies, and that it may help you or someone you know who may have been affected by cancer. If you are contemplating using black salve, or other natural treatments, I would suggest that it should be done under the guidance of a qualified, experienced medical herbalist/naturopath. If you plan to buy black salve on the internet or otherwise, I would suggest that you are confident that it is from a reputable source. It is likely that additional products may also be required, such as drawing ointment, yellow salve, poultice powder, healing ointment, anti-scar cream. I would also suggest that black salve is not considered a treatment to be used in its own right, that would be the equivalent of having just the surgery but no chemotherapy/radiotherapy. Salving is merely a way of removing the tumour(s). It is still imperative that the whole health is addressed- both the internal body health and the psychological and spiritual health. As part of my own healing journey I have been doing lots of natural therapies (as mentioned in an earlier post), and will continue to do so, in fact much of the protocol is now just an everyday part of life. Black salve has been around for literally thousands of years. If you want to read further on the subject I would recommend a book called CANCER SALVES, A BOTANICAL APPROACH by Ingrid Naiman. Ingrid Naiman has extensively researched salves for many many years, her comprehensive book is the definitive guide to the use of cancer salves. She also has a very informative website, see  ‘Sacred Medicine Sanctuary’. http://www.cancersalves.com/pdf/CS-Introduction.pdf Another useful resource is http://www.blacksalveinfo.com A quick summary –

  • Black salve is applied to the area overlying the tumour. Apply an occlusive dressing to keep the salve moist.
  • The salve should be applied to the area every 12/24 hours for 1-4 days or until you start to see a good reaction developing.
  • After 1-4 days a reaction occurs on the skin if cancerous cells are present, i.e. yellow blister-like pustules begin to appear. This period can range from just a slight tingling/stinging sensation to extremely painful. If no cancerous tissue is present there will be just a slight reddening of the skin, but no accompanied blistering, and the reddening will subside after a few days.
  • The blistering reaction continues for several more days, as the active herbal ingredients work on necrosing the tumour.
  • A scab or ‘eschar’ starts to form.
  • The tumour becomes detached internally from the surrounding tissues, and the patient may experience a drawing/tugging feeling as the tumour is drawn to the surface. May also experience intermittent pricking/stabbing sensations. This stage is often described as more uncomfortable as opposed to painful.
  • The eschar and tumour come away when ready, usually onto the dressing, leaving a clean bloodless wound. The eschar should NOT be forcibly detached, it needs to come away freely in its own time. It is important that the wound shows no signs of remaining tumour (shown as residual white bits) – if so it may be necessary to reapply salve – which would be extremely painful to apply to an open wound. Alternatively, it may be an option to apply a less aggressive salve paste/yellow salve/drawing ointment/poultice, – this should be discussed with supervising practitioner.
  • The area should be cleaned daily with sterile (cooled boiled water), and covered with a sterile dressing until new skin starts to form on the area. Herbal healing creams with antibacterial properties may be used to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Anti-scar herbal creams may be used to minimise scar formation.
  • The whole process may take anywhere from 5 days to 5/6 weeks, depending on the depth of the tumour and the strength of the salve mixture.

So for my update… Whilst most people were busy during December planning for all the Christmas festivities, I have been busy otherwise – removing several breast tumours. Some of you may recall that my first black salve treatment was earlier this year, in August/September, where I removed a large breast tumour measuring 4cm x 3cm x1cm. This came out in 2 bits – the 1st bit after 21 days and the remaining larger part after 28 days. I took the large tumour to the hospital in a jar of vodka for histological examination, and I am happy to say that I have received histological confirmation that it was cancerous breast tissue – not that I didn’t think for one minute that it wasn’t, but I felt that it was important to have the confirmation on my medical records. Black Salve Day 20Black Salve Day 20 Tumour 1 This was part 1 that came out after 21 days. Some tumour was still remaining at the lower edge and at the side so I applied another salve application. The cream bit that resembles a piece of chewing gum is the tumour, the dark bit surrounding it is the black salve, and the brown stuff surrounding that is the poultice that I applied to help release the eschar. Photo showing a lovely clean, bloodless wound, with no signs of any remaining tumour 🙂 Black Salve Day 28Black Salve Day 28 Tumour 2 The wound has healed up beautifully, leaving just a small scar, with character might I add 🙂 The photo below was taken 8 weeks after the tumour was removed. 8 weeks healing 051114 I wanted to give myself a little time to get over the first salve treatment before starting on the second tumour. But then I received some not so good news in November, i.e. that the small tumour had grown from 0.9cm to1.4cm, and that there was also a tumour visible on the medial side of the breast measuring 0.9mm ( I was aware of a small lump in this area but I had been told previously by the surgeon that it was nothing to worry about, however on the most recent scan I was told it was likely to be cancerous). Anyhow, bearing in mind this news, rather than delay matters, I decided to get started with salving on the remaining two tumours. I began the 2nd salve treatment on the lateral side of my left breast on Friday 28th Nov and on Saturday 6th December out popped an irregular shaped tumour measuring approximately 1.4cm.This has been sent to pathology and I am currently awaiting the report. First photo was taken just after tumour came away. 2nd Salve Treatment Day 9 after poultice 6th Dec 20142nd Salve treatment Small tumour 6th Dec 2014 Photo below was taken 2 weeks after tumour removal. 2nd Salve treatment 2 weeks after tumour removal 13th Dec 2014

Then on 18th December I began a 3rd salve treatment on the medial side of my breast. With the 3rd treatment I applied the salve to the area where I could feel the small lump, and to my surprise a few days after applying the salve not only did a reaction occur in the area of the lump but also in a small area about 2cm lower down, even though initially no salve was applied to this area!  This indicated to me that a small 4th tumour was present, so on the next few days when I applied the salve I also extended the area of application to cover the lower part too.

The 3rd tumour came out in 2 pieces, the smaller bit (immediately to the left of the main crater) came out on Boxing Day morning, and the larger bit, about the size of a baked bean, came out on the evening of boxing day.

3rd salve 2nd day after tumours came out 28th Dec3rd Salve 1st bit 26th Dec20143rs salve 2nd bit 26th Dec evening

Then on the morning of 27th Dec the small bit lower down, measuring about 4mm came out.

 3rd salve 3rd bit 27th Dec am

There were also several ‘micro’ tumours – which on the photo of the wound area above you may be able to make out several small holes that look like acne scars – that’s where these came out from. Photo below shows the ‘micro’ tumours.

3rd salve 26th Dec micro tumours

This morning I called into the Breast Care Unit at St Luke’s Hospital, Bradford, and handed over my recent tumour haul to be sent to pathology. The breast care nurse, not surprisingly, seems very intrigued, and I am pleased to say she has been very supportive. She even gave me a supply of new dressings as I was running low. However, on my most recent visits to see the surgeon I have been at quite at a loss. He openly admitted he has never seen anything like it before, yet he appears to feign indifference. I may be wrong but I can’t help feeling that perhaps he finds me quite challenging , in a very unchallenging kind of way might I add. Afterall it goes against all he has been taught at medical school, and all his years as a specialist breast surgeon. I await to see how things develop over the coming months…

So moving on… I am hopeful that I  have now removed all the breast tumours, at least I am not aware that there are any more in there, and I’m hoping I don’t get any more ‘surprises’. I will be continuing to have regular ultrasound scans and thermal imaging scans to monitor my breasts for any signs of further disease. And as I mentioned earlier I will be continuing with my strict protocol for at least the next few years or until I am confident that I no longer have any signs of active disease, and even then much of my so called protocol is now in fact a new way of life for me. It is over a year since I was diagnosed and in spite of having the tumours I feel healthier and fitter than I have felt for many, many years. So it may come as no surprise that  I am happy to keep up my regime to reduce to risk of recurrence and to maintain my new found health.

So, here’s to finishing off 2014 with a bang,  I’ve had quite an eventful year…

  • Regan and I started the year off as newly weds 🙂
  • I have avoided having a mastectomy 🙂
  • I have avoided chemotherapy and radiotherapy, along with the accompanying side effects 🙂
  • I have successfully removed 4 breast tumours, non-surgically! 😉
  • Had a lovely holiday in Spain 🙂
  • Had a great long weekend in Finland, with  my new husband, two sons, and the European Round Table.
  • I’ve sent my eldest son off to University 😦
  • My youngest son continues to be a daily delight 🙂
  • I have completed a full year’s Focussed Mindfulness Programme, and am working towards practitioner status 🙂
  • I organised and ran a Cancer Prevention seminar in June in Brighouse, about 70 people attended and we had fantastic feedback 🙂 Thanks to my old boss Art and his lovely wife Rosemary for coming up all the way from the south coast.
  • Along with the fabulous Nina Joy (www.ninajoy.com)  –  ‘Whaddya mean Incurable? –  and the inspirational Clare Walters we have set up ‘The Cancer Mavericks’  – a support group to help people with cancer – to help make them aware that they can take an active role in overcoming the disease and getting back to full health. More to follow…
  • The Cancer Mavericks ran a very informative one day seminar, focussing on Cancer prevention, in Wakefield in October. About 80 delegates attended, with fantastic feedback.
  • The Cancer Mavericks are planning a one day workshop, specifically for people with cancer, on 7th Feb 2015. See Cancer Mavericks FB page for info.
  • I had the privilege of meeting Chris Woollams of http://www.canceractive.com
  • I’ve been to two great YestoiLife seminars http://www.yestolife.org.uk.
  • I have been made aware of an amazing therapy called Bioresonance, which has been an important part of my get well programme. I have been so impressed that I have invested in a BICOM Bioresonance Machine, and will be getting started with training in January 2015 and May 2015. More to follow, in the meantime if you would like to know more see http://www.reson8uk,com
  • It was with sadness that my Aunty Margaret Devlin recently died, I hope she is resting peacefully and is now with her two eldest children, Ann & Bernard, – my two cousins who both died of cancer at the age of 40 and 41 respectively. Though it was a sad occasion, it was also a lovely opportunity to meet up with many family members who I have not seen for many years.
  • Regan and I have got through our first year of married bliss – I’m happy to say that he has been unbelievably supportive and when I have been faced with many difficult situations and decisions he has been beside me all the way.
  • I have had a wonderful peaceful Christmas, albeit I was a bit sore, and I look forward to many more Cancer Free Christmasses 🙂
  • I have met some absolutely wonderful new friends over the last year, both in person and online, many of whom I hope will remain long term friends. Thank you so much for your support and friendship 🙂
  • Thanks also to the many family members and old friends who have been there for me too, and the school mums 🙂
  • Finally thanks to my Utility Warehouse buddies and my Utility Warehouse business  – the residual income has allowed me to step back from the business and instead has allowed me to focus on my health, and my UW business is still secure and growing.

So to finish I’d like to wish you all the best for 2015, with lots of Love, Peace, Happiness, and Health! Hygge Annx

29th December 2014 – Update on my Cancer journey

73 thoughts on “29th December 2014 – Update on my Cancer journey

  1. Random Writer says:

    Please keep me updated of any new info about your health journey. Many thanks for sharing and encouraging healthier choices and a broader perspective on healing options. RD

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  2. Janette McSkimmimg says:

    This is all fantastic news Ann. You continue to be an inspiration. It’s awesome what you have achieved and I applaud you. Continue to get well. Sending loads of healing thoughts and wishes. xxx

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  3. Emma says:

    hi Ann
    Great news about your tumours I do glad you didn’t have chemo it truly messes with your body.
    Have you heard of black salve working on tumours in the lungs?
    I have several that I just can’t seem to shake and despite everything they are still growing.
    I will look up the book you suggested also.
    Wishing u all the best xxxxx

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    1. Hi Emma,
      I have heard some reports of black salve being used on lung tumours, and sometimes in conjunction with internal bloodroot, i.e. in capsule form. Having said that from what I have been reading over recent months the big buzz word for cancer treatment at the moment is Cannabis oil. There is lots of evidence to support Cannabis oil, and many reports of people being cured of stage 4 cancer. I think if I was in your position this is what I would opt for. For further info check out ‘Project Storm’ ob Youtube, and check out the new book by Jeff Ditchfield – ‘The Medical Cannabis Handbook’ – available on Amazon. Could also check out Rick Simpson on Youtube ‘Run From The Cure’.
      Keep strong xx


  4. Claire McRoy says:

    Ann, thank you for your honest and candid report. I am thrilled with your progress and wish you the very best of life in 2015 and hope you will live cancer free xx

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  5. Brenda peters says:

    Dear Ann , what a champ you are ! A great inspiration to many , I’m sure . Thank you for sharing your story , which will help many others to go the natural way and no surgery . I want to wish you and your beautiful family a healthy , happy ,safe and awesome 2015 . God bless you all .
    Brenda Peters .

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  6. I am so inspired by your story Ann. I had breast cancer back in 2009 and although I had surgery managed to find out enough about natural therapies before the radiotherapy, chemo and toxic drugs were taken, to say no. If I had heard about black salve I would definitely tried it. What a year you have had! I wish you and your family an amazing 2015.

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  7. Patricia Mary Wann says:

    well done! for believing and having the courage to do this..I am amzed that the hospital also ‘allowed’ you to take this route…please can you mention where a reputable place is to purchase black salve ..or can it be made??

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    1. Hi Patricia,
      The link to the video above ‘Black salve panacea project’ shows you how make your own.
      Alternatively, find a good herbalist/naturopath who is willing to work with you.
      If you decide to go ahead you will need plenty of support, it can be very painful.
      I am pleased that my local hospital continued to keep me on as a patient. My surgeon has been very good, he’s always said that if I decide to opt for conventional treatments they are there for me, otherwise they are happy to just monitor me. I think I am quite lucky as I have heard of several women who have refused surgery/chemo and then the hospital has refused to keep them on asa patient. They have then had to go back to their GP to ask to be referred elsewhere, or some have then seen a surgeon privately, or have just done their own thing.


  8. Keith Nixon says:

    Anne, Thanks so much for your update. It is exciting to hear of progress and healing. So many people that are given advice of natural treatments do not take the time to share their progress. It is most refreshing. Are you happy for me to print this info and share with others? And I am impressed that you distinguish the tumour from the cancer, and have determined to improve your underlying health condition. If I might be so bold, I would earnestly recommend you reading the book by Lynne Farrow “The Iodine Crisis”, available from Credence Bookstore – particularly as it relates to breast health. God bless you Anne, and your family.

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  9. Jeri O'Barr says:

    Good morning. I am a C survivor after lumpectomy and mamosite (HD internal RAD). I now have calcifications that may or may not be C. I have refused further mamograms and wondering if the BS would work on the calcifications….if, in fact, they are malignant? Thank you for sharing your story and the successful outcome. Blessings,

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    1. It is most commonly used on skin and breast tumours, but I have heard reports of it being used on deep tumours. Could check out the book by William Trucks – stage 4 multi organ cancer – with tumours in his liver, kidney and pancreas – he removed several tumours using black salve, made a full recovery, and alive many years later to tell his story?
      For the full truth about black salve see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJyB9vmvg40


  10. Teresa says:

    My brother is in prison serving a harsh sentence for his misdemeanour even harsher by the fact he iis dying of cancer and has months to live, I don’t think this treatment would help hi, it started off with Kidney cancer, he had the kidney removed but they realised it had moved to his lungs , then his other kidney then his bones and now his brain.


  11. rachel says:

    My mother has IBC. She has been receiving treatment at Dana Farber. She has had chemo and radiation with mastectomy. The cancer has reccurred on the skin of mastectomy. Unlike tumors the IBC is like a spiderweb of the skin. Could this treat IBC?


    1. Hi Rachel, as I mentioned earlier I am not in a position to offer medical advice, but if I was in her position I would certainly try it. Would be good if you could find a good herbalist /naturopath who would be willing to assist.


  12. Maxine Harris says:

    You brilliant fabulous woman, thank-you so much for sharing. The surgeon may be incredulous but unable to show it – this is the way forward, for people to take their healing into their own hands with input from relevant specialists are required. Happy New Year.

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  13. Genevieve Arthy says:

    Dear Annie
    Many thanks for your sharing your wellness journey … Well done . Just A question did you use added nutrition supplements to support your body ? As We also used safe toxic free Neways products to support and heavely loaded with their supplements as well as diet clean water exercise and emotional healing etc.
    Black salve is amazing love that we can still get it here In Australia even though it is underground . All the best with you Wellness journey … Look forward to the next update
    Your I. Wellness Gen

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    1. Hi Genevieve,
      Yep, I’ve been doing all the other stuff too. More details on an earlier blog post. And I’ll continue to do so for at least the next few years, and in fact most of it is now a part of my regular lifestyle.


  14. june thompson says:

    Hi Ann what would happen if the tumour was attached to a artery as in my case the bracle artery.. and the surgeon is unable to remove it… it is in my shoulder… so deep enough.. got it in my nodes on the opposite side. he says no point in removing it surgically as it will just make my quality of life worse.. I am 55 and on targeted treatments Herceptin and pertuzamab. 3 weekly….


    1. Hi June,
      Apologies for the late reply.
      A while ago I came across a case study of someone who successfully removed a large facial tumour that was wrapped around an artery and nerve. The tumour came away and left the artery and nerve totally undamaged. The salve only targets cancerous cells. I’ve looked for this particular case study again but I can’t locate it. If I find it again I’ll post it.


      1. june thompson says:

        Thanks ann for the positive reply re the cancer I have which is wrapped round the artery in my shoulder. If you do come across this case study I would be more than grateful if you could forward it to me .. I don’t know how the hospital would take it if I approached them re this . It does look a scarey process to undertake .. but I would be prepared to do it if I could get some support from somewhere to help me do it!… keep well ann… 🙂

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      2. Hi June,
        To many it does seem like a scary thing to undertake, I can totally appreciate that, and it’s not something that I undertook lightly, but having now done it I feel it is definitely no more scary than the alternatives. Bit llike childbirth – very scary when you don’t know what to expect, but well worth it!
        However, if you decide to go ahead it is something you have to be totally sure about, and to be done under the supervision of a good herbalist/naturopath. There’s also some very good FB groups where you can get support from people who have experience of salving. It may be worth posting a question on there re your situation.
        FB groups are: ‘Black Slave’ and ‘Citizens against Cut, Burn & Poison’
        Also some good info is available on the following websites:

        Take care,


      3. june thompson says:

        thanks ann I will surely look into this. I have nothing to loose… will update you if I ago ahead… takecare … thanks for the valuable information…. 🙂

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    1. Hi Dell, it is normally applied daily every 12/24 hours for 2-4 days or until a good reaction is starting to happen. Some advise to do a test patch on a healthy area for 24hours, if no cancer is present there will be just slight reddening of the skin, like a mild scald.
      A good resource for furthere information is http://www.naturalblacksalve.com


    2. Hi Dell,
      I replied to a similar question above re timimgs.
      I’ve never heard of it being eaten on bread but I have heard of some taking bloodroot in capsule form which can help with deep tumours, and some just take the powdered root on it’s own. I expect if your friend took it with bread it may have just made it more palatable, rather than taking the bloodroot powder on it’s own.


  15. Bren Fisher says:

    I am new to the facebook page which was through one our therapists at a centre for cancer patients. Never really had the time to read but spent the whole day in bed today and am just so amazed. I too have had cancer but had 2 mastectomies but decided not have have any treatment thankfully…… The video is incredible and I will certainly be sharing for others to know that there are choices out there for cancer patients…. Am so very grateful to have had the time. Thank you!!!!!!

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  16. What a great testimonial and with such confidence through it all 🙂 – i only wished the surgeon would have been more “ancy” to perform exactly what you did regardless of his years learning one way thought to be the one and only-
    I wish there were many more just like you 🙂 an inspiration is barely enough to use as a label from all you’ve learned, tought, and came out on top !
    If only your surgeon, “and all cancer affiliated doctors would watch this video on you tube for a change for the better future – letting go of the past :)Cancer: The Forbidden Cures: http://youtu.be/km2cqQNFtEs

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  17. karen says:

    What an amazing post, thank you! I have never heard of black salves before and am lucky to so far have had no dealings with cancer but your story is so inspiring I shall remember it always. May this year be full of all that you wish. Kx

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  18. Wow this is just amazing, you are an inspiration xx I was diagonosed around the same time as yourself and i was immediately in the hospital and had my left breast off. I am undergoing chemo (2 more to go) but i will be refusing radiotherapy and going the natural route to kill off the rest. I now have enough belief to do this after seeing so many people use salve, diet and oil to cure themselves. Good luck and keep us updated xxx Warriors unite xxx

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  19. Will Bieg says:

    I live in UK and a friend has cancer of the oesophagus. Do you know where I can get the ingredients or a good source to buy ready made salve.


  20. Kimberly says:

    This is absolutely fascinating! I hope as you continue your blogging journey, you might consider giving us an example of your daily routine and some of your favorite meals. It is a lot of things you are packing in and sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all the supplements, etc. I am trying to take everyday without offsetting something else I’m doing!

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  21. Hi Kimberley, I have often found it overwhelming too, though it is getting much easier, and many things have just become a regular part of my life now. I found many things had to give for a while, housework is certainly way down on the priority list, and I have been doing very little work, I am self employed and work on a part time basis. I also felt I was spending much less time doing things with my young son than I would have liked to, but had to accept that it was necessary at the time. As expected self care has been most definitely the no1 priority. I’ve also had a very poor social life for a year or so, and only recently feel that I’m starting to do a bit more socially, which is nice as I feel as though I am starting to get back some balance in my life, more of a sense of normality. I’ve just tried to accept that these changes were necessary as part of my healing journey. In fact my goal at the moment is to start having more fun and I’m hoping to leave the fear and the seriousness of the cancer stuff behind me.


  22. Sandra Webster says:

    Thanks for your inspirational story Ann. I have a 3cm tumour which the consultant wants to remove (along with a huge chunk of my breast). This is a reoccurrence after 10 years and I will not be pressured into going through what I went through last time. I have changed my diet and in the past 18 months the tumour has shrunk slightly. I am feeling incredibly well and have more energy than I have for a while, even keeping up with my 2 ½ year old grandson!! I feel I have addressed many of the poor health choices I have made in the past and dealt with some past traumas and would now like to use black salve to deal with the tumour but don’t know where to get it from. Any pointers would be helpful.


    1. Hi,
      Hi Sandra,
      Apologies for the not getting back to you earlier. How are you getting on at the moment?
      Are you still considering salving or have you already been salving??
      If you are still interested you can get black salve from Zenith Herbal (www.naturalblacksalve.com) or Lozz’s Wellness Store (www.lozzswellnessstore.weebly.com).
      There are a few very good closed FB support groups, really useful and supportive for people who are salving. If you are doing more than a skin tumour it is best to do it under the support of a herbalist, though may not always be possible. In this situation the FB groups are invaluable.
      Still happy to chat if you need to. Annx

      Wishing you all the best,


      1. Sandra Webster says:

        Hi Ann

        I’m doing OK thank you. The lump hasn’t grown (it hasn’t shrunk either!!). I am still treating it through diet and nutrition. I haven’t dismissed salving but am a little concerned that it may be too big and in too obvious a place. Also I have no idea how to find a health care practitioner who is sympathetic to the idea and would therefore support me.

        Hope you are keeping well.




    1. Hi,
      Apologies for the delay.
      You can get black salve from Zenith Herbal (www.naturalblacksalve.com) or Lozz’s Wellness Store (www.lozzswellnessstore.weebly.com).
      There are a few very good closed FB support groups, really useful and supportive for people who are salving. If you are doing more than a skin tumour it is best to do it under the support of a herbalist, though may not always be possible. In this situation the FB groups are invaluable.
      Wishing you all the best,


  23. Judyc says:

    Hi there, I am also on a journey very similar to yours. I applied the black salve to an area of the breast that had a group of very small spider veins with no obvious lump or thickening at all, and the next thing I know is I am going through the roof in pain, as the black salve starts stinging, this lasted non stop for about 10 days when the eschar came out, with a tumor that looked like a brain, being 12mm in length. In front of my eyes it changed from a soft brain like blob into a leathery brown hard skinned ball (it literally died in front of my eyes). I noticed in the bottom of the clean cavity it had left in my breast, there was a white thread like thing. So knowing this was the living root of the cancer, it meant another reapplication, so I plucked up the courage and withstood the non yielding pain of this until today when the second eschar is nearly out. To anyone who is doing this journey with the black Salve, please order yourself some MMS, which is a liquid that turns into a gas into your blood, which kills anything not made of YOU, so it will destroy virus, bacteria, fungus, candida, cancer cells, anything. you will have more energy, breath easier and meanwhile knowing that the salve will attack the cancer from the outside tracing it through your body to destroy the tendrils of the cancer, while the MMS is swallowed, goes through your blood circulation to destroy cancer and baddies from the inside out. Your urination and bowel motions will increase, but not enough to keep you confined to home. Its a winner and I cannot believe that the medical profession can see no alternative to the toxic crap of chemotherapy and dangerous rays of radiation, making one feel like death warmed up, when it can be so much easier and everything costs less that $50. To be honest, from the moment I went onto the MMS, my energy levels increased and I felt more life in me that I have done for a decade. Dont give up, this method BEATS ALL, BAR NONE.

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  24. Jim says:

    Hi Ann,
    Truly a brave & determined woman & I would say believing in something like this to cure you is half the battle.you are to be commended & best of health going forward.
    My wife is battling breast cancer with the past 4 years by way of diet & exercise etc.had a lumpectomy but no radiation or chemo.unfortunately it’s back & she is presently taking large doses of curcumin to try & help contain it.we are shortly doing the cannabis oil treatment for 3 months to see how that goes ,but now having come across your blog,salving is definitely on the agenda😄If still needed.
    Where could we source good quality salve.we live in Ireland.
    Stay well


  25. Judyc says:

    MMS comes with two liquids and you only put a matter of drops into a glass of sugarless juice, you drink this dose every `5minutes for 2 hrs, then you can go out, other than that there are other MMSs that you have to take every hour for 8 hrs, I found this too confining. I ended up apply three lots of black salve resulting in tumors being expelled, but it was so painful I didnt continue. Its been some months since my last black salve and I know Ive lost the fight, there was still a white thread in the base of the cavity left after the eschar came out, so I am accepting my fate, but I am so fine with it. I also went off the MMS, so I am now letting nature take its course. NO WAY on Gods earth am I going through chemo or radiation or mastectomy, its not out of fear, or blind faith or stubborn pride, its basically acceptance.


  26. Hi Polene, I’ve never used MMS or MSM (they are different) so I’m not in a position to comment, sorry. MSM is a natural organic sulphur compound (methylysulphonyl-methane) and is a metabolite of DMSO. MMS is Miracle Mineral Solution — check out Jim Humble. Sorry can’t recommend a source or give any more information. Regards, Ann


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